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About Parameters Of Quality Website

Professional design

Today most of the website design is done through using application templates that follow the normal standard format in common. Design is very subjective as some fill their websites with more graphics to attract the users while others keep it simple with easy navigation. The Homepage which is said to be the main landing page for the website must follow certain standards in terms of design and content. Every page element should be in sync to create interest in the users so they can stay longer instead of leaving the site immediately. Try to avoid things like broken links, manipulative hidden links in the text, any inconsistency in style or presentation etc that are considered as low quality techniques.

Logical Navigation

If users are confused and do not find the information they are expecting to see, then it is for sure they are not going to be on the site for long. There is no meaning in having a very creative website if the information is not readily available to the user when

Some Content Marketing Tools for WordPress

Basically, content marketing is a strategic marketing technique which focuses on creating very informative, relevant and engaging content to draw in the targeted audience. This technique is helpful in generating standard leads. Many companies, who are engaged in providing services like Digital Marketing in Singapore, also make use of such technique to help their clients in promoting their business.

But, stepping into the content marketing strategy, create quality content for your site. As we know, WordPress powers a huge number of sites, so developing a unique image turn out to be a significant troublesome task. Luckily, WordPress is the SEO-friendly platform offering a lot of compelling content marketing tools. These tools will help you advance your content on various web platforms easily.

1. All In One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of the most promising SEO plugins for WordPress. It can enhance your site for Search Engines, for example, Google, Bing and so forth. It is a trusted content marketing tool that permits bloggers and website owners to promote their brand across

Get Advantages of Designing E-commerce Site

Grabbing The Market

Several products are out there in the market, not each of them has the same market value. It depends on the marketing of the product which can be really expensive. No matter the business is small or large, you have to market it well. An e-commerce site is as platform that can easily sell any item to a large number of customers, irrespective of local, national & global.

Engagement Of The Clients

People like to visit the sites which are perfect in terms of look & feel. Thus, a well-decorated e-commerce website with a good number of items in it attracts the attention of many customers because they are appealing regarding the consuming goods.

Consumer Convenience

Shopping online is quite expedient as it saves the valuable time & effort of the customers. You don’t have to go out and roam in the shopping malls for hours to find and choose the item you really like and which is equally fit within your budget. The online shopping marts are quite reliable and

Information of Common Web Design Mistakes

The search box is not visible

The web acts like an archive that contains loads of information. So if you plan a business website or even a blog, a search box is the need of time. The visitors are hunting for information they want to see. If the site has a search box, then it will be easy for users to find the information that they are looking for.

Readability and legibility is poor

As one of the most important elements of web design, you should always look for options that will make readability easy. A good interface design is essential in attracting user attention, but this should not in any way affect the user’s ability to read text so that they can obtain what they are looking for. Some websites have the most unusual font styles that would hamper the reading process.

Content layout is unorganized

Traffic is driven to the website through the website’s content. The structure of the content will decide whether the website is a failure or a success. Users do not have the habit of reading everything, they will rather scan through the pages and pick up information

Tips for Website More Secure

HTTP is an uncertain technique for associating with the website. Subsequently to begin with, in the event that you need to make your website more secure you have to utilize HTTPS.

HTTPS may appear to be costly to utilize and execute. However there are a couple of less expensive alternatives like the HTTPS conveyance from Cloudflare utilizing the ‘Full SSL’.

There are a few instruments to check the HTTPS set up, as ‘SSLTest’.

Verging on each eCommerce website will have a level of verification. The way it works is that the touchy information is put away behind the login. Making this login procedure secure ought to subsequently be high need. Ensuring the clients use solid passwords is one of the means one can take.

Furthermore, putting away encoded passwords with an abnormal state of encryption is likewise of advantage.

It is conceivable to go above and beyond by executing a 2 element validation (2FA). This makes utilization of SMS with a code being conveyed to the client cellular telephone.

Observing your website for assaults and hacks is additionally vital. Different strides that can be taken to make your website more secure are:

Outcome for Web Designing

Professional and Attractive Site Presence

The company is always ready to help you with the website that is sure to be professional and attractive at the same time. This way you can easily make your competitors envious. The innovative website can help in solidifying the brand and this way you can have the perfect company reputation over the net. The website will also help you have the correct positioning of the goods and the services and this is made to happen in the perfect advantageous way.

The Contribution of the Designer

The Web designer is always ready to help you with the stunning and the most workable web presence. Now, you are sure to have an increase in the amount of online sales. This is sure to instil the kind of solid sense of trustworthiness and even the sense of loyalty among the visitors. Now, you can easily stay integrated with all the social networks and these are Facebook, Friendster, and even Twitter. The website will help you get optimised and now you can have an access of the search engines like Google and the rest. This way you can easy connection with the customers

Magento Platform

In addition, Magento brings all those features needed to build and run e-commerce sites in an efficient and successful manner. Right from User Dashboards to Customer Segmentation to Inventory Management, it packs in all what a business needs to sell products and serve the purpose of their target audience. Likewise, the platform helps business grow and does not charge anything for the same. So, you can expect not to pay any incremental costs that often comes with adding one or another feature. So, you can add features without having to pay anything extra! This is what makes this platform the best in the domain.

Similarly, Magento aims to help businesses add as many products, services and SKUs to serve their market in a hassle-free manner. It brings features of adding up to 50 different payment integration tools apart from bringing flexibility with shopping cart features. More so, the platform makes it extremely easy to integrate 3rd party apps or plugins and this is how new features are integrated into the site. So, you needn’t hire a team of experts to code every time you need a new feature. Likewise, it’s highly customizable and modular in nature bringing

About Progressive Web Applications

Main Features of Progressive Web Apps

  • Progressive – It works for every user, no matter which browser they choose to use. It is because it’s built with progressive enhancement as its core tenet.
  • Responsive – It works for desktop, mobile, tablet or any other form which will is next in line.
  • Independent connectivity – It has been enhanced to work offline or even in low-quality networks.
  • App-like feature – It totally has the user-friendly app-style usage and navigation chiefly because it is built on the app shell model.
  • Fresh – It is always the up-to-date cause of the service worker update process.
  • Safe – Served via HTTPS it prevents snooping and ensures contents that cannot be tampered with.
  • Discoverable– It is easily discoverable by the search engines as it is backed by W3C manifests and service worker registration scope.
  • Re-engage able– Push notifications feature makes it easier for it to re-engage.
  • Installable– It allows the users to keep the apps they find most useful on their home screen without the hassles of an app store.
  • Linkable– It can be easily shared via URL. And does not require complex installations.

Service Workers

Service workers are the backbone technology behind Progressive Web App. They power offline

Information from WordPress Plug-in

What is a WordPress Plug-in?

It is a component of software that consists a group of salient functions and can be added to a WordPress website to optimize its functionality and operations. As a result, your WordPress website’s functionality will be extended and it will work even better. Usually, WordPress plug-ins are coded in PHP language and integrate with WordPress. It enables the users to add features to their website without even knowing a single code.

There are many different ways to install a WordPress Plug-in, some are listed below:

  • Install it by searching from WordPress Dashboard

Dashboard is one of the easiest ways to search, find and install WordPress, when you know the name of the plug-in. In this case, you can easily search from the Dashboard and install it.

  1. Login to your dashboard and click of ‘Add New’ and after clicking on this you can simply enter the name of the plug-in in the search box for the searching operation.
  2. And, thus the search result will show plug-in. On clicking on ‘install’ the WordPress will automatically download and install the plug-in to your Website.
  3. After finishing you will be able to activate it

Perfect Landing Pages

1. No- Clutter Design

The first step is to have a clean and easy to navigate through website design with a landing page of low loading time. This page must be free from irrelevant information, not to be too text heavy & must load quickly once the link is clicked. The attention span of the viewer is not very high in this fast paced digitally connected world because there are many options available to them at the click of a button. Having long loading times with long reading materials at the very start might cause the customer to lose interest and go away from the website.

2. Benefit from ‘Associated with’ Brands

List all the brands, big clients or businesses your company has worked with on the landing pages instead of putting them onto the clients section. Depending on the website design, anywhere 4-6 top clients of the company can be displayed. The customers associate all of them with known brand names.

3. Appropriate FAQ’s

Understand what questions a prospective customer can have & answer those on the page. List out briefly but clearly the features & services provided by the company. This

Between Adaptive and Responsive Designs

Difference between adaptive and responsive designs

Responsive design is amorphous and accommodate to any size of the screen of the device targeted. There are various tools to mend style on the basis of device targeted such as width, height, display type etc. and to adapt into the screen. It successfully creates an optimised experience irrespective of any size of the screen.

The term first mint by web designer and developer by Ethan Marcotte which emphasized the response to the changes in the browser to adjust the placement of design elements to accommodate well in the available space.

Why responsive on mobile phone?

This process is quite spontaneous in case of mobile phones, the site automatic checks for the available space and then exhibit itself in the idealistic management.

Responsive sites are free from ambiguity so it requires a well site conceptualisation and profound knowledge of the end users.

Adaptive web design by Aaron Gustafson also known as progressive enhancement. It is the design to be carried out specifically for order-filling cycle and its goal is to customise the company products according to the need of its clients. It springs-up the concept of

Tips to Increase Traffic Website

  1. Design a unique website- No matter what is your aim for hosting a website. But you should make sure that it is properly designed using the latest technology. Many websites tend to crash within few months or years after it is developed. To make the site robust you should take assistance from a good web developer with a satisfactory record.
  2. Add social media plugins- Nowadays social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. plays the vital role in taking your website to the huge audience. If you have social media links people can reach your site more easily.
  3. Engaging content- A good content can engage viewers to the site for longer time and compel them to revisit it frequently. Moreover, a search engine friendly content will enhance the popularity of the site. You can write content all by yourself or hire a professional content writer for it. Always remember, a content is the showroom of your services and products.
  4. User-friendly- There are millions of websites on the Internet but few of them are popular. If you want to arrest viewer’s attention, you must have a website which is easy to operate. People love simple yet

Some Type Content

Blog: Blog is the soul of your website that makes it enjoyable for the visitants. This is the most important form of content that is a must, which helps to educate and entertain your clients and give them the sense to get combined with your website and make a repeat visit. Besides, it also helps to improve the ranking of your website because every blog has unique content that is loved by the web spiders.

Products And Services: Another important type of content your website must have is, products and services that are offered by your company. It helps to provide enough information about your offered range to the clients and give them a purpose of purchasing it. However, make sure that the information you provide is true and relevant to what you offer.

News And Timely: This type of content helps to show your audience that your business is growing. This may help your clients to know about the latest update your site has to offer that attracts more and more people to it and increase your reputation among your clients.

Social Media: Last but not the least; Social Media require fresh and interesting

Tips Pick Good Mobile App Platform

The platform on which the Mobile App development is done.

Selecting the appropriate platform depends on the target audience, hence, at first the development Company must check the background work done. This will give understanding existing and potential customer’s preference and nature. Based on this, a decision can be made which platform to choose, including, single platform (say Android) or multiple platforms (say Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry).

Use of Native app development or cross platform development

Usually, Native app is a good option if you have sufficient budget. Listed below are some of the factors that determine the platform choice.

  • There exist difference in the UI/UX of an Android user and an iPhone user. Further, the standard of designing vary from one platform to another.
  • Implementation of hardware related functionality is easy.
  • Due to fast code execution, the performance is better.

However, on the other hand, if you have limited budget, and want to target users of multiple platforms, then cross platform application development is the best option. Nowadays, with the use of improved tools such as PhoneGap and Ionic, the performance these apps have gradually enhanced.

UI/UX for the Apps Matter


Card Layout in Web Design

The use of cards base layout in the UI is an excellent symbol since they look like real-world tangible cards. Before mobile devices, they were always all around us – business cards, invitation card, gift cards, playing cards and so forth. Cards spreading any information pretty widely, it is more natural for users to know that these cards are representing piece of content just like in real life. Cards are a great tool for communicating quick stories. Playing card is a good example from real-life objects. The basic information you needed to know about a player is contained on both sides of a small card. By using card layouts is very easy to share maximum information in a glimpse.

Cards divide content into meaningful sections which occupies less screen space. Similar to the way text paragraphs group sentences into distinct sections, cards can gather various pieces of information to form one coherent piece of content. In card design, equality is everything. Each card carries equal weight, so there’s no need to meticulously optimize all the content.

Card-based design usually heavy relies on visuals. And going heavy on images is the strength of card-based design. Different analysis

About Redesign Business Website

  • Your Website is not of Adaptable Design:

At present there are still sites that have a differentiated mobile version or simply do not have. In some cases users can view pages in a very small size and limited functionality, and in other cases it is impossible to access content or functionality that fell outside the mobile site. This particularly affects e-commerce, where the user shows more interest in closing transactions form tablets or Smartphone.

Today more and more people use their phones to access websites; this means that companies that have not adapted web design package that include mobile compatibility design can lose an increasing number of visitors and potential customers each month.

Having a complete responsive design that fits on all display devices can modifying the contents and distribution of elements intelligently.

  • Its Content Management System is Outdated:

The content management systems former are difficult to administer, requiring the presence of developers in simple tasks updating content.

The problems that occur are not perceived by users. Rather, administrators experience many difficulties when trying to update the contents. Old systems are slow, fail to load items, do not keep all changes and

All about Banner Designs

Designs that Attract


So, you think that hierarchy exists only in organizations? Well, sorry to correct you, but it exists in website as well. Title, description and summary, all should appear in the banner in perfect order. If you are not experienced in web designing, you would not understand this. The important thing is to find someone who can help you achieve this. You need to find people with experience in web banner design. They can hit the hierarchy in right order.

Size Makes a Difference

Yes, when it came to Titanic, size did not matter. However, when it comes to web banner design, the size makes a big difference. Without right size, it either would look dense or it would not catch eyes. So, here the question is the same, which is the right size and how would you determine that size? Difficult question, isn’t it? Well, anyone who knows the banner design pros and cons will be able to help you determine the right size.

Striking the Right Proportion

Do you have a fashion website or an interior design one? If so, you would need to use proportion properly.

Information of HTML/CSS in A Website

When you are hoping to website then HTML/CSS preparing in Indore helps you to design a site. There of lots of things you can learn in this training span. It is in most likely that your program will get HTML and CSS from the web server that has the webpage. The web browser interprets the HTML and CSS code to make the page that you see. Most pages additionally incorporate additional substance, for example, pictures, sound, video, or animations and this training will show you how to set them up for use on the web and afterward how to embed them into your pages.

CSS is utilized to control the style of a web document in a simple and easy way. CSS remains for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS1 and CSS2 gives an entire comprehension of CSS,starting from its basics and advanced to cutting edge ideas. CSS handles the look and feel part of a website page. Using CSS, you can control the color of the content, the style of fonts, the spacing between paragraphs, how segments are sized and laid out, what background image or color are used, and additionally an assortment of different effects. CSS is

Some Impact from Animated Web Design

  • To make education more interesting – it is replacing our boring text based education system to something more creative, students gain interest in studies if they are provided education with animated movies or beautifully designed pictures.
  • To aware people – now a day we all are very busy in life and get no time to read long paragraphs, by keeping this in mind we all try to convey over message to the people in less words. Everyone is using graphics to aware people about politics, society, companies, etc.
  • To familiarize with the brand – to advertise our project and to make in recognizable to targeted audience, we use logo for our company which develops a great connection with your customers.
  • Effective communication – it is a well known quote- “a picture speaks louder than thousands of words”. It is very hard to make your audience read long and boring paragraphs, why not use graphics to hold their attention.
  • For business purpose – according to me, nothing could promote your business better than animations and graphics. This is the best way to aware people about your brand, it helps to let people know that what

Website to be Hacked

Keep Software Up To Date: One of the simplest ways to prevent your website from being hacked is by keeping your software up to date. This is because CMS like WordPress, Joomla, PHP, Drupal etc., update their software on a regular basis, which creates an extra layer of security around your site and keeps it protected.

Use Secured Password: Another tip that helps you to prevent your website from being hacked is pick a tough and hard to guess password. It is the first thing that hackers try to break, so, they can enter your website and prevent this situation. It is always good to use safe and secure passwords, which are hard to break and change them shortly.

Secure Your Admin Login: Make sure the admin panel of your website is safe and secure, so, no one can dare to enter it. For this, you should never use your admin name as a username because it is easy to guess and simple to break. So, you should secure your admin login by choosing a tricky admin name and password to protect your website from a hacker.

Use Trusted Plugins: You can prevent your website