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All about Banner Designs

Designs that Attract


So, you think that hierarchy exists only in organizations? Well, sorry to correct you, but it exists in website as well. Title, description and summary, all should appear in the banner in perfect order. If you are not experienced in web designing, you would not understand this. The important thing is to find someone who can help you achieve this. You need to find people with experience in web banner design. They can hit the hierarchy in right order.

Size Makes a Difference

Yes, when it came to Titanic, size did not matter. However, when it comes to web banner design, the size makes a big difference. Without right size, it either would look dense or it would not catch eyes. So, here the question is the same, which is the right size and how would you determine that size? Difficult question, isn’t it? Well, anyone who knows the banner design pros and cons will be able to help you determine the right size.

Striking the Right Proportion

Do you have a fashion website or an interior design one? If so, you would need to use proportion properly. Yes, this attracts the attention of the visitors to a particular object. If you can use proportion right, you will understand the effect of it. Here you will need the help of an experienced web designer. This is not something which you can do by cropping an image short. Make sure to partner with someone who can design your banner in a way that proportion is used perfectly.


This is another important element which needs to be used properly. Without proper integration your banner would lose the intensity which you desire from it. You need to include additional elements in the banner if you want to make it communicative. For this you need to use the design tricks properly. You need to encourage people to participate in the interaction. This way you will attract many to your website through the banner and its design.

Contrast or Similarity

It is a known fact that visual effect is the first ingredient which attracts people’s attention. For this you need to use colors and graphics in the right way. You need to either use contrast or similarity. However, it is important to know which trick will work properly. Would similarity work or contrast? Here also you need a banner designer. These people are accustomed to deal with people. They understand the psychology of the mass. They know what will work. They know when to use contrast to elevate the visual effect. They also know when to use similarity to draw people to the website. The objective is to stay in the minds of the people. They should you remember your banner and your business. For this, you need to use every trick in the web design book and make them work too.


Well, you might beg to differ, but here also content is the king. Without content your banner would be nothing but an assortment of colors. You don’t attract people using colors only. You attract them using right graphic and of course, proper tag line. However, you need to know how to use that tagline. You need to know which word to highlight. You also need to know which line to focus on. You must understand that the people who look at your web banner are the potential clients who can come to you for your product. However, you need to lure them through your website. It is nothing but gaining trust of the clients. An expert will be able to help you accomplish this.