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About Parameters Of Quality Website

Professional design

Today most of the website design is done through using application templates that follow the normal standard format in common. Design is very subjective as some fill their websites with more graphics to attract the users while others keep it simple with easy navigation. The Homepage which is said to be the main landing page for the website must follow certain standards in terms of design and content. Every page element should be in sync to create interest in the users so they can stay longer instead of leaving the site immediately. Try to avoid things like broken links, manipulative hidden links in the text, any inconsistency in style or presentation etc that are considered as low quality techniques.

Logical Navigation

If users are confused and do not find the information they are expecting to see, then it is for sure they are not going to be on the site for long. There is no meaning in having a very creative website if the information is not readily available to the user when it is searched for. The links for “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Site Map” should be easily accessible on the Homepage as they are very important for your website. When designing the page, standards for the search facility & bread crumb trial should be followed so that the users can find their required information with reduced number of clicks.

Ease of contact or FAQ’S

Ease of contact is another aspect that can help companies retain their customers for long, especially for retail and e-commerce businesses. Many times, customers try to contact businesses for some query on product clarification and feel very dejected if they do not have clarity on the contact information. Similarly, many business websites overlook the importance of FAQ page thinking that it is not that instrumental in improving their business. Either the site should be active in social media or have good email marketing strategy to be in touch with the customers continuously. In addition to that, the site should clearly state its latest postal address and phone number in “Contact Us” page to make it easy for the customers in case if they like to interact with the business.


Apart from navigation, accessibility is another feature that we can say as very important for a quality website. Imagine, you make all the effort to make it perfect in design and also invest money in digital marketing to rank well in the search engines, but notice that the site is not accessible for users due to some hardware or software issue. This is a heart breaking thing for business owners because no user will like to visit the site that goes down frequently. To address such issues and take the preliminary precautions immediately, it is better to have support services like website monitoring and get your site monitored continuously for any break downs.


Nothing works out well if there is no good content on the website. The content should be relevant, easy to read, factual and free from common website monitoring pricegrammar & spelling errors. It should be regularly updating not only to create interest in the user but is beneficial from the SEO point of view. Websites with high quality content always ranks well in search engines and promote the businesses in an effective way. No matter how great the design is, if the content is not good, visitors will easily get bored and walk away from the website immediately.


It is the secured version of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), where data is sent between the website and the browser in a secured manner. As a part of safety for customer accounts, many quality websites go for HTTPS especially if they are dealing with money transactions and shopping cart. Since the data is in encrypted form, the website will have certain limitations in terms of speed and usability. However, many are keeping these things aside and giving utmost importance to customer safety by switching themselves to secured protocols.

Some Content Marketing Tools for WordPress

Basically, content marketing is a strategic marketing technique which focuses on creating very informative, relevant and engaging content to draw in the targeted audience. This technique is helpful in generating standard leads. Many companies, who are engaged in providing services like Digital Marketing in Singapore, also make use of such technique to help their clients in promoting their business.

But, stepping into the content marketing strategy, create quality content for your site. As we know, WordPress powers a huge number of sites, so developing a unique image turn out to be a significant troublesome task. Luckily, WordPress is the SEO-friendly platform offering a lot of compelling content marketing tools. These tools will help you advance your content on various web platforms easily.

1. All In One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of the most promising SEO plugins for WordPress. It can enhance your site for Search Engines, for example, Google, Bing and so forth. It is a trusted content marketing tool that permits bloggers and website owners to promote their brand across the globe.

2. Yoast SEO

It above all else helps you write better content. Yoast SEO constrains you to pick a focus keyword when you’re writing your articles, and after that ensures you utilize that focus keyword everywhere. You can build the web activity just by improving your webpage utilizing Yoast SEO plugin.

3. Google XML Sitemap

This plugin will produce an uncommon XML sitemap which will help web crawlers like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog. With such a sitemap, it’s much less demanding for the crawlers to see the total structure of your site and recover it more proficiently.

4. SumoMe

This is a perfect tool used for building up a list of email subscribers. It allows you to convert your visitors into subscribers using its advanced range of features. SumoMe holds a speedy and proficient approach to double up your email subscribers with ease.

5. Google Analytics by Monster Insights

Google Analytics is one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. It permits you get detailed knowledge about your site’s SEO health.

6. WordPress Pop Up

The WordPress PopUp plugin permits you to construct lovely and tweaked pop-ups and pop-overs for your site. This will urge visitors to read your content. You can give extra information in pop-ups and develop your email list.

7. Editorial Calendar

This tool deals with every one of your posts and content marketing strategies properly. It spares your time and permits you to plan out the coming days, months and years so that everyone in your team is always on the same page.

Get Advantages of Designing E-commerce Site

Grabbing The Market

Several products are out there in the market, not each of them has the same market value. It depends on the marketing of the product which can be really expensive. No matter the business is small or large, you have to market it well. An e-commerce site is as platform that can easily sell any item to a large number of customers, irrespective of local, national & global.

Engagement Of The Clients

People like to visit the sites which are perfect in terms of look & feel. Thus, a well-decorated e-commerce website with a good number of items in it attracts the attention of many customers because they are appealing regarding the consuming goods.

Consumer Convenience

Shopping online is quite expedient as it saves the valuable time & effort of the customers. You don’t have to go out and roam in the shopping malls for hours to find and choose the item you really like and which is equally fit within your budget. The online shopping marts are quite reliable and you can pick up the products on the basis of the factors like size, color, shape, material & price anytime and from any part of the world.

Lesser Managing Costs

If you are going to start an online shopping mall of yours, a minimum capital is adequate for running it. The only investment you have to do is in the e-commerce website design. Moreover, you can always get the commission from the owners of the goods & services which you are highlighting in your e-commerce site. On the other hand, you don’t have to hire any employer to run your business.

SEO Friendly

If your e-commerce website is well-decorated and if it’s quite optimized in terms of coding, it can easily attract a huge number of traffic. This means that your site becomes more approachable and comes on the top of the SERPs. As e-commerce sites sell goods to the users, they get more attention of the clients and thus, their popularity increases.

Information of Common Web Design Mistakes

The search box is not visible

The web acts like an archive that contains loads of information. So if you plan a business website or even a blog, a search box is the need of time. The visitors are hunting for information they want to see. If the site has a search box, then it will be easy for users to find the information that they are looking for.

Readability and legibility is poor

As one of the most important elements of web design, you should always look for options that will make readability easy. A good interface design is essential in attracting user attention, but this should not in any way affect the user’s ability to read text so that they can obtain what they are looking for. Some websites have the most unusual font styles that would hamper the reading process.

Content layout is unorganized

Traffic is driven to the website through the website’s content. The structure of the content will decide whether the website is a failure or a success. Users do not have the habit of reading everything, they will rather scan through the pages and pick up information that interests them. A common mistake is to put a block of text instead of opting for headings, sub-headings and other important elements such as bullets, keywords and paragraphs.

It is imperative that a suitable page title is chosen for every web page, so that users are aware as to what they are searching.

Poor or bad navigation

Navigation should always be continuous as users want to find their way easily. Though there are no standards when it comes navigating a website, yet it must be consistent and intuitive.

Screen resolution is unfriendly

You must have come across some website that offer scrolling horizontally. However, this practice needs to be avoided. One important elements of good web designing is that the website needs to fit on all the screen sizes,

Tips for Website More Secure

HTTP is an uncertain technique for associating with the website. Subsequently to begin with, in the event that you need to make your website more secure you have to utilize HTTPS.

HTTPS may appear to be costly to utilize and execute. However there are a couple of less expensive alternatives like the HTTPS conveyance from Cloudflare utilizing the ‘Full SSL’.

There are a few instruments to check the HTTPS set up, as ‘SSLTest’.

Verging on each eCommerce website will have a level of verification. The way it works is that the touchy information is put away behind the login. Making this login procedure secure ought to subsequently be high need. Ensuring the clients use solid passwords is one of the means one can take.

Furthermore, putting away encoded passwords with an abnormal state of encryption is likewise of advantage.

It is conceivable to go above and beyond by executing a 2 element validation (2FA). This makes utilization of SMS with a code being conveyed to the client cellular telephone.

Observing your website for assaults and hacks is additionally vital. Different strides that can be taken to make your website more secure are:

Utilizing a Password Manager

Securing your workstation

Know about phishing assaults.

Web Development with ZadonTechnology

We are a Web Development Company that creates website to suit your necessities. Other than which we additionally offer portable and advanced advertising arrangements as well. With our perpetually growing base and offices we ensure we have gifted IT Professionals to exploit our offices. Our exceedingly gifted IT Professionals have a lot of experience and have ensured we convey a website that meets our customer’s necessities over and over.

Outcome for Web Designing

Professional and Attractive Site Presence

The company is always ready to help you with the website that is sure to be professional and attractive at the same time. This way you can easily make your competitors envious. The innovative website can help in solidifying the brand and this way you can have the perfect company reputation over the net. The website will also help you have the correct positioning of the goods and the services and this is made to happen in the perfect advantageous way.

The Contribution of the Designer

The Web designer is always ready to help you with the stunning and the most workable web presence. Now, you are sure to have an increase in the amount of online sales. This is sure to instil the kind of solid sense of trustworthiness and even the sense of loyalty among the visitors. Now, you can easily stay integrated with all the social networks and these are Facebook, Friendster, and even Twitter. The website will help you get optimised and now you can have an access of the search engines like Google and the rest. This way you can easy connection with the customers in all parts of the world.

Responsive Site Presence and Site Usage

This way you can make the smart phone and the mobile phone users visit the sort of site you hold. For this it is essential for your website to be responsive. It is important that you make the same work as the mobile website and now you can easily access all mobile applications with the best of ease. You can even make use of the desktop website through the sort of personal site presence you hold.

Magento Platform

In addition, Magento brings all those features needed to build and run e-commerce sites in an efficient and successful manner. Right from User Dashboards to Customer Segmentation to Inventory Management, it packs in all what a business needs to sell products and serve the purpose of their target audience. Likewise, the platform helps business grow and does not charge anything for the same. So, you can expect not to pay any incremental costs that often comes with adding one or another feature. So, you can add features without having to pay anything extra! This is what makes this platform the best in the domain.

Similarly, Magento aims to help businesses add as many products, services and SKUs to serve their market in a hassle-free manner. It brings features of adding up to 50 different payment integration tools apart from bringing flexibility with shopping cart features. More so, the platform makes it extremely easy to integrate 3rd party apps or plugins and this is how new features are integrated into the site. So, you needn’t hire a team of experts to code every time you need a new feature. Likewise, it’s highly customizable and modular in nature bringing ease to businesses across industries.

In addition, Magento is a platform that loads fast and lets a speedy caching of pages irrespective of the scale and size of the website. It’s built for SEO so you’re saved the cost associated with getting a search engine-friendly website developed. What’s more, this platform helps develop websites that support mobile devices in the same manner as they do desktop ones. All this and more is achievable when you hire a dedicated Magento developer and let the desired kind of e-commerce website developed. This is how your business grows on the internet and realizes its objective with ease.

About Progressive Web Applications

Main Features of Progressive Web Apps

  • Progressive – It works for every user, no matter which browser they choose to use. It is because it’s built with progressive enhancement as its core tenet.
  • Responsive – It works for desktop, mobile, tablet or any other form which will is next in line.
  • Independent connectivity – It has been enhanced to work offline or even in low-quality networks.
  • App-like feature – It totally has the user-friendly app-style usage and navigation chiefly because it is built on the app shell model.
  • Fresh – It is always the up-to-date cause of the service worker update process.
  • Safe – Served via HTTPS it prevents snooping and ensures contents that cannot be tampered with.
  • Discoverable– It is easily discoverable by the search engines as it is backed by W3C manifests and service worker registration scope.
  • Re-engage able– Push notifications feature makes it easier for it to re-engage.
  • Installable– It allows the users to keep the apps they find most useful on their home screen without the hassles of an app store.
  • Linkable– It can be easily shared via URL. And does not require complex installations.

Service Workers

Service workers are the backbone technology behind Progressive Web App. They power offline functionality, push notifications, background content updating, content caching and a lot more of services and applications are herein attached with Service workers.

In other relative terms, we can say that Service worker is the worker script that works behind the scenes, independent of the app, and runs in response to events like network requests, push notifications, connectivity changes so on and so forth. In simpler terms, one can say that Service workers act as the proxy.

App Shell

The App Shell is a simple design concept where the initial load of a mobile web app provides a basic shell of an app UI, and the contents of the app are loaded after. It is not a Web API or a framework, but it is the design approach that developers can choose to adhere to enhanced caching abilities of service workers.

Information from WordPress Plug-in

What is a WordPress Plug-in?

It is a component of software that consists a group of salient functions and can be added to a WordPress website to optimize its functionality and operations. As a result, your WordPress website’s functionality will be extended and it will work even better. Usually, WordPress plug-ins are coded in PHP language and integrate with WordPress. It enables the users to add features to their website without even knowing a single code.

There are many different ways to install a WordPress Plug-in, some are listed below:

  • Install it by searching from WordPress Dashboard

Dashboard is one of the easiest ways to search, find and install WordPress, when you know the name of the plug-in. In this case, you can easily search from the Dashboard and install it.

  1. Login to your dashboard and click of ‘Add New’ and after clicking on this you can simply enter the name of the plug-in in the search box for the searching operation.
  2. And, thus the search result will show plug-in. On clicking on ‘install’ the WordPress will automatically download and install the plug-in to your Website.
  3. After finishing you will be able to activate it and it’s all set to perform.
  • Install the WordPress Plug-in by FTP Method

In this method, all you have to do is just download the WP Plug-in from WordPress plug-in section, convert it into unzip file and now upload it to the WordPress plug-in library with the help of cPanel or FTP Software. If you have uploaded the file in unzip format, you can go to the WordPress plug-in folder and activate it easily.

  • Simply Download and Install the WordPress Plug-in

Download required WordPress plug-in, then upload the zip file and install it from the Dashboard of the WordPress. Click on the Add new plug-in, and you will find an option that is ‘upload’. Now click on the same and upload the plug-in folder. Your plug-in is installed successfully and it is prepared to perform its task.

Is it required to pay for the plug-ins?

These are available in free and premium format both. There is a large number of free plug-ins that can be installed free while for many,you’ll have to pay a specified amount.

Now, the first question that strikes in everyone’s mind is, why one should pay for it?

Actually, the premium or paid plug-ins contain more complex functions that will extend and advance the performance and functionality of your WordPress Website. Furthermore, these actually consist more than one, specific and unique functions that will help your website perform some differently better and advanced functions that you haven’t noticed earlier before in any of the websites. That’s what makes the plug-ins to be paid.

Perfect Landing Pages

1. No- Clutter Design

The first step is to have a clean and easy to navigate through website design with a landing page of low loading time. This page must be free from irrelevant information, not to be too text heavy & must load quickly once the link is clicked. The attention span of the viewer is not very high in this fast paced digitally connected world because there are many options available to them at the click of a button. Having long loading times with long reading materials at the very start might cause the customer to lose interest and go away from the website.

2. Benefit from ‘Associated with’ Brands

List all the brands, big clients or businesses your company has worked with on the landing pages instead of putting them onto the clients section. Depending on the website design, anywhere 4-6 top clients of the company can be displayed. The customers associate all of them with known brand names.

3. Appropriate FAQ’s

Understand what questions a prospective customer can have & answer those on the page. List out briefly but clearly the features & services provided by the company. This would ensure that the customer feels he is on the right platform, the one which will offer him exactly the product or services he needs and thereby preventing him from navigating to other rival websites.

4. Showcase Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & testimonials play a major part in building customer relationship as well as trust. Thus, listing a few good reviews makes a lot of sense. It positively affects the decision making process of the prospective customer.

5. Call to Action Message

The last but not the least is having a CTA on your landing page which refers to the process of directing the traffic of prospective customers where you want. For e.g. having a sign up link on the landing page would make sure that those interested are converted to buyers immediately. This step works as a hallmark for successful business as it ensures high conversion rate.