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Information from WordPress Plug-in

What is a WordPress Plug-in?

It is a component of software that consists a group of salient functions and can be added to a WordPress website to optimize its functionality and operations. As a result, your WordPress website’s functionality will be extended and it will work even better. Usually, WordPress plug-ins are coded in PHP language and integrate with WordPress. It enables the users to add features to their website without even knowing a single code.

There are many different ways to install a WordPress Plug-in, some are listed below:

  • Install it by searching from WordPress Dashboard

Dashboard is one of the easiest ways to search, find and install WordPress, when you know the name of the plug-in. In this case, you can easily search from the Dashboard and install it.

  1. Login to your dashboard and click of ‘Add New’ and after clicking on this you can simply enter the name of the plug-in in the search box for the searching operation.
  2. And, thus the search result will show plug-in. On clicking on ‘install’ the WordPress will automatically download and install the plug-in to your Website.
  3. After finishing you will be able to activate it and it’s all set to perform.
  • Install the WordPress Plug-in by FTP Method

In this method, all you have to do is just download the WP Plug-in from WordPress plug-in section, convert it into unzip file and now upload it to the WordPress plug-in library with the help of cPanel or FTP Software. If you have uploaded the file in unzip format, you can go to the WordPress plug-in folder and activate it easily.

  • Simply Download and Install the WordPress Plug-in

Download required WordPress plug-in, then upload the zip file and install it from the Dashboard of the WordPress. Click on the Add new plug-in, and you will find an option that is ‘upload’. Now click on the same and upload the plug-in folder. Your plug-in is installed successfully and it is prepared to perform its task.

Is it required to pay for the plug-ins?

These are available in free and premium format both. There is a large number of free plug-ins that can be installed free while for many,you’ll have to pay a specified amount.

Now, the first question that strikes in everyone’s mind is, why one should pay for it?

Actually, the premium or paid plug-ins contain more complex functions that will extend and advance the performance and functionality of your WordPress Website. Furthermore, these actually consist more than one, specific and unique functions that will help your website perform some differently better and advanced functions that you haven’t noticed earlier before in any of the websites. That’s what makes the plug-ins to be paid.