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Information of Common Web Design Mistakes

The search box is not visible

The web acts like an archive that contains loads of information. So if you plan a business website or even a blog, a search box is the need of time. The visitors are hunting for information they want to see. If the site has a search box, then it will be easy for users to find the information that they are looking for.

Readability and legibility is poor

As one of the most important elements of web design, you should always look for options that will make readability easy. A good interface design is essential in attracting user attention, but this should not in any way affect the user’s ability to read text so that they can obtain what they are looking for. Some websites have the most unusual font styles that would hamper the reading process.

Content layout is unorganized

Traffic is driven to the website through the website’s content. The structure of the content will decide whether the website is a failure or a success. Users do not have the habit of reading everything, they will rather scan through the pages and pick up information that interests them. A common mistake is to put a block of text instead of opting for headings, sub-headings and other important elements such as bullets, keywords and paragraphs.

It is imperative that a suitable page title is chosen for every web page, so that users are aware as to what they are searching.

Poor or bad navigation

Navigation should always be continuous as users want to find their way easily. Though there are no standards when it comes navigating a website, yet it must be consistent and intuitive.

Screen resolution is unfriendly

You must have come across some website that offer scrolling horizontally. However, this practice needs to be avoided. One important elements of good web designing is that the website needs to fit on all the screen sizes,