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Perfect Landing Pages

1. No- Clutter Design

The first step is to have a clean and easy to navigate through website design with a landing page of low loading time. This page must be free from irrelevant information, not to be too text heavy & must load quickly once the link is clicked. The attention span of the viewer is not very high in this fast paced digitally connected world because there are many options available to them at the click of a button. Having long loading times with long reading materials at the very start might cause the customer to lose interest and go away from the website.

2. Benefit from ‘Associated with’ Brands

List all the brands, big clients or businesses your company has worked with on the landing pages instead of putting them onto the clients section. Depending on the website design, anywhere 4-6 top clients of the company can be displayed. The customers associate all of them with known brand names.

3. Appropriate FAQ’s

Understand what questions a prospective customer can have & answer those on the page. List out briefly but clearly the features & services provided by the company. This would ensure that the customer feels he is on the right platform, the one which will offer him exactly the product or services he needs and thereby preventing him from navigating to other rival websites.

4. Showcase Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & testimonials play a major part in building customer relationship as well as trust. Thus, listing a few good reviews makes a lot of sense. It positively affects the decision making process of the prospective customer.

5. Call to Action Message

The last but not the least is having a CTA on your landing page which refers to the process of directing the traffic of prospective customers where you want. For e.g. having a sign up link on the landing page would make sure that those interested are converted to buyers immediately. This step works as a hallmark for successful business as it ensures high conversion rate.